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Dundee I, II & III1260-1600 Sq.Ft.
Coolwater I, II & III1300-1765 Sq.Ft.
Memphis Creek I-II1350-1375 Sq.Ft.
Memphis Creek III-V1520-1920 Sq.Ft.
Highland I & V1400/2065 Sq.Ft.
Heather I, II & III1550-1950 Sq.Ft.
Cheyenne I, II & IV1580/1840 Sq.Ft.
Bel Air1800 Sq.Ft.
Trumbull I1840 Sq.Ft.
Carmel Cliff
1845 Sq.Ft.
Aston Hill1850 Sq.Ft.
Christina1850 Sq.ft.
Grace Manor1870 Sq.Ft.
Valdosta1860 Sq.Ft.
Walnut Lake1860 Sq.Ft.
Arcadia Bay1975 Sq.Ft.
Pine Island1950 Sq.Ft.
Coolwater V & VI1930-2135 Sq.Ft.
Cloverbrook2100 Sq.Ft.
Lakeland Ranch2115 Sq.Ft.
Grapevine2125 Sq.Ft.
Farmbrook Cottage2180 Sq.Ft.
River Ranch I &II2155-2175 Sq.Ft.
River Farm2180 Sq.Ft.
Pine Cove1900 Sq.Ft.
Mt. Hope2020 Sq.Ft.
Inverness I & II1900/1980 Sq.ft.

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Shore Hill2130 Sq.Ft.
Harding Park2140 Sq.Ft.
Dartmouth Ranch I & II2150-2450 Sq.Ft.
Willowbrook2170 Sq.Ft.
Carlton 1, 2 &  32325 Sq.Ft.
Captiva2375 Sq.Ft.
Silver Lake2375 Sq.Ft.
Cooper Street2400 Sq.Ft.
Richmond2440 Sq.Ft.
Chelsea Ranch2100 Sq.Ft.
Grace Cottage2025 Sq.Ft.
Carolina Ranch2000 Sq.Ft.
Charleston Ranch2280 Sq.Ft.
Applebrook2300 Sq.Ft.
Dakota Bay2300 Sq.Ft.
Millfield Ranch2300 Sq.Ft.
Dallas2325 Sq.Ft.
Cambridge Yard2400 Sq.Ft.
Northporte2450 Sq.Ft.
Plan 24082475 Sq.Ft.