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Willowbrook2150 Sq.Ft.
Carlton 32315 Sq.Ft.
Carlton2325 Sq.Ft.
Captiva2375 Sq.Ft.
Silver Lake2300 Sq.Ft.
Cooper Street2400 Sq.Ft.
Richmond2460 Sq.Ft.
Inverness II1980 Sq.Ft.
Chelsea Ranch2100 Sq.Ft.
Grace Cottage2025 Sq.Ft.
Carolina Ranch2000 Sq.Ft.
Dakota Bay2300 Sq.Ft.

Huron Raised Ranch1200/1950 

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Dundee1260 sq.Ft.
Coolwater1300 Sq.Ft.
Highland1400 Sq.Ft.
Heather Ranch1550 Sq.Ft.
Cheyenne1580 Sq.Ft.
Cheyenne II1580 Sq.Ft.
Hickory Sound1600 Sq.Ft.
Bel Air1800 Sq.Ft.
Christina1825 Sq.ft.
Grace Manor1870 Sq.Ft.
Valdosta1870 Sq.Ft.
Pine Island1950 Sq.Ft.
Hillside2100 Sq.Ft.
Cloverbrook2100 Sq.Ft.
Lakeland Ranch2115 Sq.Ft.
Grapevine2125 Sq.Ft.
Farmbrook Cottage2180 Sq.Ft.
River Manor2180 Sq.Ft.
River Bed Ranch2175 Sq.Ft.
River Ranch2155 Sq.Ft.
Pine Cove1900 Sq.Ft.
Mt. Hope2050 Sq.Ft.
Inverness Ranch1900 Sq.Ft.

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