Narrow Lot Floor Plans

50+ Ft. Lot Click on Plan to View

* First Floor Master

5001 FE2860
5005 D 3F2830
5006 D2680
5007 D2400
5016 D3385
5017 D3150
5018 D3388
5022 FE2555
5026 D2640
5027 FE2675
5029 D 3F3750
5026 D2615
5007 D 3F3450
5029 D 3F 5 Bed3750
5031 D*2360/2800
5032 FE2550
5033 FE*2550
5034 FE *2900

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40+ Ft. Wide Lot Click on Plan Name/Number  to View Plan
4001 FE2340 4025 CT2000
4002 FE23804018 FE1985
4003 FE24254019-3F2600
4004 D23104022 D2175
4005 D21604023 D 3F2950
4006 D20654024 D2405
4007 D21004006 D 3F2780
4008 D21004009 FE 3F2540
4009 FE20004008 D 3F2760
4011 D 3F28004027 D 2170

We Tear Down and Re-Build On Your In-Town and Lakefront Ground. 

Perfect for Birmingham, Rochester, Berkley, Royal Oak, Plymouth and Narrow Lakefronts as well as any Narrow Lot throughout Oakland County.

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